A stream of consciousness

It can happen at any time, that feeling of uncertainty. For me it happens when I’m laying in bed when I have nothing to distract me from my own mind. As I write this all my emotions come up every happy, sad, and all the memories come to the surface. I think my time here is almost up. This place has given all it has to offer me. It’s time for me to go before it’s too late. Leaving here means leaving my comfort zone, leaving my friends, family, and past behind. It was said in a song by Beyoncé that the hearts I have touched will be the proof I was here. All I can hope is that I brought someone some happiness. At some point I will be gone all I want is for someone to remember I was here.

Growing up

Growing up, some people are always wanting to be older. they that being older means you’re wiser. well yes its true, you’ve made the mistakes and you’ve learned from them. sometimes you had to make the mistake more then once for you to have truly learned the lesson, but you learned it. kids always seem like they want to be older their always in a rush to be a certain age. nobody ever knows why but that’s the way it is. and soon they’ll be the age when they are ready to leave home and start and start their own lives. and the parents, well it’s time for them to let go, it’ll be hard on both of them. kids will have to get their foot through the right doors and meet the right people. and well the parents all they can do know is watch. watch them go through their highs and watch them go through the lows. every once and a while hold them. just hold them when they ask you to. but always remember that you’ve always got each other no matter what.